BABYMETAL has announced that “METAL KINGDOM” is the third of five singles that will be made available before the release of THE OTHER ONE album concept album, which releases in March 2023.

The single will release this Friday, January 20th at 12 AM (0:00 hs.) JST (Japan Standard Time) and will become available for digital download and streaming on most services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

Unlike Devine Attack – Shingeki – and Monochrome, there doesn’t seem to be a artwork for the single.

This is the full announcement text:

One of the discovered 10 parallel worlds is THRONE and this 3rd single centers around this theme. It is a powerful anthem ushering in the beginning of a new era while also representing the power and courage to step forward into uncharted territory. The track conveys imagery of one rising powerfully from the throne of silence, with a suitable fanfare announcing this new beginning.

Also, from Natalie:

It is an anthem that opens up a new era, in which one has the strength to inspire oneself and step out onto an unknown path with friends who believe in one another. It is a fanfare that rises powerfully from the throne of silence and rings out to the world, heralding the beginning of a new era.

Release date: 2023/1/20 at 0:00 (JST)


TatsuoMETAL has released a tweet taking credit for participating in the songs creation:

I participated in composing, arranging, All Instrumental Track production & Recording, and mixing🤘
Mastered by Ted Jensen🔊
Check it out!!👇

Alongside this, BABYMETAL has also announced that “THE OTHER ONE” pre-order and pre-saves are also now open, as well as “THE OTHER ONE” concept album artwork, tracklist, pre-order bonuses and more revealed.



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