Updated with new content released on the platform

THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY Guide was created to help answer some questions about the service, and help sign up.

THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY has opened on Wednesday, April 27th at 12 PM, as scheduled. Fans rushed to sign up with their codes (those that received them, as there is a bit of a delay in shipment), though some encountered some issues understanding how to do it (it was even more complicated for those that don’t know Japanese).

Those that entered the website have reported that there are 10 sections, each with one of the names from THE OTHER ONE special website (COFFIN, MONOCHROME, etc.) and an “image tracing” of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. 2 of these, “CALVARY” and “MIRROR”, appear to be “restored” already and when clicked on reveal snippets of songs that come with some distorted images. “CALVARY” is symphonic, it sounds like an intro they’d use in a live performance as the show starts or before a song. There is some vocals in the background, but impossible to say who it is, sounds kinda like a choir. “MIRROR” sounds like progressive rock (like Brand New Day) and has a nice bassline and guitar riffs.

On Instagram Stories, BABYMETAL have reported that the gallery currently has 3% of the content. More will be released later on (at random times).

On 28/4 a snippet of “ILLUSION” was released, which… in simple terms “goes hard”.

On 29/4 “MIRROR” got replaced with a different audio file. It’s from the same song, but instead of bass and guitar, this time its synths which are heard. Some fans have tried syncing them up (and it sounds pretty good!). Though this did indicate that content can disappear from the platform, meaning those that don’t have access from the start may not get to experience it all.

In related news, BABYMETAL announced that the 1st batch of THE BLACK BOX has sold out, and they are producing a 2nd batch to order. Orders must be made before the end of May 10th, with shipping starting on July 1st.

With this, they announced an extension to the METAL name transfer date to July 27th, so those that purchase the 2nd batch may also transfer their name.

Update 10/5/2022: Orders for the 2nd batch can now be made until May 31st.


Amidroc · April 30, 2022 at 5:19 AM

I live in the USA. I have my TOO black box. But I can’t register my A! account? Very frustrating to say the least.

John · May 8, 2022 at 5:55 AM

Well I got mine today, and registered. Thanks for the guide, picking the Country and Prefecture was the hardest part. Maybe edit the guide to show exactly what those should look like? I was looking for Kanji but the list, it was in Katakana.

    BABYMETAL News · May 10, 2022 at 11:01 PM

    Ahh interesting! I saw all Kanji’s :/

    I will try and see if anyone still hasn’t registered to see if they can record that part.

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