The ad showcases how the service could be used to create, review, and approve an album cover. In this case, showing the final design for a hypothetical BABYMETAL album cover.

The ad also features an edited instrumental version of PA PA YA!!. BABYMETAL’s Twitter account retweeted WeTransfers tweet.

Some fans have speculated whether the artwork is an actual glimpse into a future album. But given it’s very different from BABYMETAL’s current style, it seems unlikely at the moment (especially given that the reveal wouldn’t be as cool as they usually tend to do).

Though in the press release they do add:

Explore how BabyMetal, a popular Japanese pop-metal group, picks the mascot cover art for a limited edition release through a seamless feedback experience.

Which, could just be some “backstory” to the ad.

A bit more is shown on the special page on their website.

Update: they released an additional video with a “due date example”: February 7th, 2022 at 5:30 PM.


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