There are now more details available for the “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN – EXHIBITION -“, which was announced at the start of the month along with some Live Viewings. The event will be held from September 28th to October 10th at Tower Records Shibuya. The exhibition will feature the costumes from the shows, live photo exhibitions, photo spots, and more.

It’s BABYMETAL, so of course there will be lots of exclusive merch (some only available at the exhibition), such as a tee, a pen, and a beer.

Furthermore, there will also be a puzzle solving game available at the exhibition (separate tickets required).

As always, all the info below.


Dates: Tuesday, September 28th – Sunday, October 10th
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 20:00 (last admission at 19:30) *Open from 16:00 – 20:00 on Tuesday, September 28
Location: Tower Records Shibuya Store 8F Space HACHIKAI


  • Reproduction of some of the stage sets from the 10 performances at Nippon Budokan
  • Exhibition of BABYMETAL costumes
  • Live photo exhibition
  • Photo spot
  • Exclusive merch
  • You can get “Savior Mask” or “Postcard” as a prize for coming to the event
  • Riddle solving game “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN – MYSTIC GAME -“
  • and more!

Admission Price: ¥1,500
Advance Sales: at Ticket Pia from 17:00 on Wednesday, September 22 (date and time specific tickets for every 30 minutes)
Same-day Sales: at Tower Records Shibuya Store 8F special counter

Exhibition Notes:

  • You cannot touch the exhibits.
  • Photography is not allowed in the exhibition hall except for some areas. Please refer to the information inside the venue.


Note: You need to enter the exhibition to purchase the goods.

BABYMETAL x TOWER RECORDS collaboration goods

  • Eco bag black ¥2,800
  • B2 size poster ¥1,200
  • Ballpoint pen black: ¥800
  • Name Tag Black ¥1,700
  • Mug Black ¥2,100
  • Collaboration BEER ¥1,100

Beer contents: Ingredients: Barley malt (made in Germany), wheat malt, hops
Alcohol content: 5%
Volume: 330ml
The “Collaboration BEER” is an alcoholic beverage


  • Collaboration goods other than “Collaboration BEER” will also be sold at Tower Records Online
  • Order Date: October 1 (Fri.) – October 10 (Sun.), 20:00
  • Please note that if any of the collaboration goods other than “Collaboration BEER” are out of stock at the Shibuya store, we will switch to taking orders with full payment in advance.


  • “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” TEE Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL ¥3,700 each
  • “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” face towel ¥2,100
  • “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” Shopper Bag ¥1,000
  • “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” Rubber Band ¥800


  • These will not be sold online
  • You can purchase only one item per type

BABYMETAL’s puzzle solving game “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN – MYSTIC GAME -“

Dates: Tuesday, September 28th – Sunday, October 10th
Opening hours: 12:00 – 19:00 (last entry closes at 17:30)

Location: Tower Records Shibuya Store 2nd floor (Start at the special counter on the 2nd floor of Tower Records Shibuya Store)

Advanced Admission Price: ¥1,200
Advance Sales: at Ticket Pia from 17:00 on Wednesday, September 22 (date and time specific tickets for every 2 hours)

Same-day Admission Price: ¥1,500
Same-day Sales: at Tower Records Shibuya Store 2F special counter
Note: You may not be able to participate on the day of the event if the advance tickets are sold out.

How to Play

  1. Look for the clues in the Tower Records Shibuya store and solve the riddles with the question paper.
  2. When you find the answer to the question, please tell the staff.
  3. Those who solve all the riddles and ciphers and answer them correctly within the time limit will be given a “Clear Certificate”. (given on a first-come, first-served basis).
“10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN – MYSTIC GAME -” Clear Certificate

Please note the following:

  • There are no riddles or clues in the facility that are off-limits to the public.
  • While participating in the event, please refrain from sitting on the floor, running in the aisles, or doing anything else that may disturb other visitors.
  • Please do not break, remove, or write on displays, bulletin boards, or items for sale.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • No returns or refunds will be made after purchase.
  • If you lose the leaflet for any reason, it cannot be reissued.
  • Please note that the riddles are spoiler-free, and no information about the problems or contents may be uploaded to social networking sites.
  • Please do not shout out even if you know the answer.



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