The accounts popped up back in February, but I was weary of posting about them due to the fact they couldn’t be verified. However, now a set of interviews with Koba have released, at the bottom of them they link to these social media pages, so it’s a very good chance these are legitimate.

So far what they have done is share links to a set of interviews with him the past few months.

KOBAMETAL Social Media Links: TwitterInstagramClubhouse

For those wondering what Clubhouse is, it’s an exclusive invitation-only social network.

On his bio it says (in Japanese):

➡️ [work to travel the world]
➡️ [all roads lead to the metal]
🖌[Serial] Da Vinci News (KADOKAWA)
“Metal? Not Metal?

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The flags are presumably the countries he has been to so far.

The first set of interviews is with Da Vinci News, starting in December 2020, and continuing even today. It’s all about metal and Koba’s thoughts on it. The last post, part 9, was shared 2 weeks ago, and part 10 will be posted later on.

Now QJWeb is releasing a set of interviews with him. The first is about the pandemic’s effect on live shows, the second is about the differences in the Entertainment Industry between Japan and the rest of the world, and the third should be posted sometime tomorrow.

This is probably the most interesting thing he said relating to BABYMETAL:

What was your thinking behind choosing real live performances for “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN”?

Of course, depending on the situation in Corona, I could have chosen to go online without an audience. But after last summer, we gradually started to hold live performances with an audience, and there were various restrictions, such as capacity limitations, the need to wear masks to prevent infection, and the prohibition of shouting. But we came up with an idea of how BABYMETAL could do it. I thought there must be a way to follow the guidelines of infection prevention measures and still have fun like in the past. We discussed it with the band members, and since they were of the opinion that they wanted to do it with an audience, it was a trial and error process.

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kitsunefromfinland · April 30, 2021 at 5:24 AM

This makes me wonder that could this be a little test. Koba wants to know how easily fans start to follow him, what will end up happen, what kind of content could be best to put out on a personal account and what kind of comments people leave in there. I could see that they are maybe going for more open and personal look as BABYMETAL is always changing and Su and Moa are now adults. And they are closing the Metal Resistance era. In my mind there should be no problem whatsoever to make personal accounts if they want to. That would not hurt the band in any way and if there is any creeps…I am sure loyal fans are ready to get those guys reported to hell…and also I don’t know many celebrities that actually even watches the comments so…. Also it would be actually pretty cool to see some of the backstage stuff or the song process since they have not done it in years…Whatever BM does I will be happy but just a little sparkle of hope that they could be more chill and not so corporate like.

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