BABYMETAL performed for the 6th time on MUSIC STATION, so they are no strangers to this show. Though sadly the performance was marred with technical issues.

SU-METAL and MOAMETAL appeared a few times before performing, though mostly just waving, waiting to the side, and presenting themselves

Sadly there were clearly issues with the audio and possibly Su’s ear monitor, as the the song was not as clean as it usually is. At the very start Su’s mic was turned down, which was fixed quickly, but not completely. Possibly a mix of the levels on the mic not being correct and Su not having her ear monitor setup correct, as especially the low notes were not as good as usual. But this is expected from TV performances and has happened before.

Show Info

Full info on the show

Broadcast on TV Asahi.

  • Live, without audience (though people appear as “Santa Avatars”)
  • Website


5 PM – Broadcast Start – Time zone converter – Countdown
11:10 PM – Broadcast End

Find previous show info here.


  • Distortion (Abridged)

Kami Band

  • Takayoshi Ohmura
  • BOH
  • Hideki Aoyama
  • ISAO

Chosen Avenger

  • Momoko Okazaki


Some Screenshots

Pre-Show Picture

Kami Band


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