Last week BABYMETAL opened a temporary Twitter account which requested fans do some tasks to celebrate the release of the BEST ALBUM and to become a BABYMETAL advertising manager.

One of those tasks was to make an “Original Bone POP”, which meant filling in this image with your “promotional remarks” and tweeting it with the hashtag “#BABYMETAL宣伝部長“.

Now SU-METAL and MOAMETAL have joined the event, sharing their remarks on that temporary account. Both messages are about the “BEST” ALBUM” releasing next week.

You can find the translated text below each Tweet, courtesy of /u/Capable-Paramedic.

SU-METAL’s Message

Ten years’ history.
METAL RESISTANCE of BABYMETAL etched into this one CD!!


MOAMETAL’s Message

December 23rd, you will witness the legend…
The paramount masterpiece that shook all the US!


/u/Capable-Paramedic adds on MOAMETAL’s message, regarding if it’s about the United States:

Yes, it does. Perhaps Moa intends to make some parody of movie promos.

米 is the abbreviated form of 米国, which means the United States of America. 全 is for all. So, 全米 stands for all over the US.


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