This article was posted pre-show, and was later updated with info after it was broadcast.

MTV and Hulu Japan just broadcast the VMAJ’s 2020, which were filmed 10 days prior, on November 19th. BABYMETAL received their award for “Best Album Of The Year” for METAL GALAXY and at the show they performed “PA PA YA!!” with MOMOKOMETAL.

Show Info

  • Was filmed on November 19th.
  • Was broadcast on MTV Japan and Hulu Japan.
  • No audience
  • Website


  • PA PA YA!!

Kami Band

  • Hideki
  • BOH
  • Ohmura
  • Isao


  • Momoko Okazaki

Show Media

Pro-shot Pictures

Video Message

Translation (courtesy of /u/gakushabaka)

SU-METAL: We are pleased to announce that METAL GALAXY was awarded “Best Album of The Year” at MTV VMAJ 2020! This album was a new challenge for us to further broaden the genre of BABYMETAL, so we’re really honored to receive this award.

MOAMETAL: BABYMETAL is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. We’ve met so many people and received so much support from them during these 10 years of activities. So from now on I hope we can send even just a little feeling of gratitude to those people. Also, during these difficult times I hope that through BABYMETAL’s music we can encourage people and make them think “this music is interesting”, giving vitality to people who are working hard every day.

SU-METAL: Thank you MTV! That’s all! It was BABYMETAL.



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