It’s crazy to think, but it’s true! They haven’t played any of those songs during the entire METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR. To find the last one you have to go back to the 2018 World Tour shows at Kobe (October 30th and 31st). At those shows they performed “Akatsuki” and “GJ!”.

The last pro-shot would be DARK NIGHT CARNIVAL, which happened just a few days before at SSA in Saitama (near Tokyo). [You can still buy this if you are a THE ONE member, it’s on “The Chosen Seven” set]. However, only “Akatsuki” was played at that show. As it was a special show for that short tour, “GJ!” was replaced in the setlist with Meta Taro (with a special appearance from Joakim Brodén and Chris Kelly). To find the last BLACK BABYMETAL song, one has to go back to LEGEND S in 2017, where Moa performed both “GJ!” and “Song 4” (last performance ever) alone at the first shows Yui was missing from.

Here are the last played dates and amount of times played for all Su solo songs and BLACK BM songs:

SU Solo Songs

SongLast Played DateTimes played
AkatsukiOctober 31st, 201871
Rondo of NightmareJuly 18th, 201733
AmoreOctober 14th, 201724
No Rain, No RainbowDecember 3rd, 20175


SongLast Played DateTimes played
Onedari DaisakusenSeptember 20th, 201645
Song 4December 3rd, 201743
GJ!October 31st, 201833
Sis. AngerJuly 18th, 201711

In my opinion, it’s probably mostly related to the push of the narrative that “BABYMETAL are 2 members”, which they mention on almost any interview. After all the changes in2018, they want people to know that BABYMETAL is Su and Moa. Not more, not less. I’m even more convinced once we saw that Kagerou started as a Su solo in 2018 (at the time named Tattoo) but then reappeared in 2019 as an all-member BABYMETAL song.

I doubt this would be the full story of course, could be more reasons. For example, it’s possible that they might not have wanted to perform BLACK BM songs without Yui. And they felt that perhaps playing Su solo songs without the BLACK BM songs might not have given Su enough time to rest. Or that is just didn’t look as “cohesive”?

All speculation of course, nothing officially confirmed here 🙂


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