Everything Announced Today (October 10th) About BABYMETAL’s 10th Anniversary

On this special website, BABYMETAL will be asking THE ONE members 10 questions related to the many legends of BABYMETAL’s 10 years for prizes.

Link (for THE ONE members)

How to become a THE ONE member

For each question you answer correctly, you will receive an “Icon” (wallpaper) and a “Fox’s Revelation” (word) that records the legend.
Combine the 10 “revelations of the fox” (words) obtained from all questions to complete the “holy words” (keywords).
Ten chosen evangelists will be selected from those who enter their completed “holy words” (keywords) together during the following entry period!
The 10 winners will receive a <Certificate of Chosen Evangelist>.

The quiz starts October 19th at 12 PM (JST)

The questions are updated irregularly and can be answered multiple times.
You can download “Icon” (wallpaper) and “Fox’s Revelation” (word) only when you answer correctly.

”The Sacred words” (keywords) entry period is from Monday, December 7th at 12 AM ~ Sunday, December 13th at 11:59 PM (JST)

Message (machine translation):

BABYMETAL, which has been thrusting forward on the roadless path to keep the light of steel alive
On a journey to explore the many legends – 10 BABYMETAL YEARS
Let’s invite the warriors of steel to join us.

Master Fox said.
Tracing the history of BABYMETAL
Passing on the light of steel to the next future generation, passing on the legend of steel You will be a preacher.

10 BABYMETAL YEARS – Deciphering the “Fox’s Revelation” and
Take the title of the chosen preacher.



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