The book itself was announced over a month ago, but today they revealed the cover, plus some new special guests.

This means some of you may have already bought it. At the moment it’s only really left available on Amazon Japan, links at the bottom.

The cover shows possible new outfits, or slightly different version of the 2019/2020 outfits.

See the whole list of special guests below, and their relation to BABYMETAL.

Full Info

Release Date: Tuesday, October 13th
Price: ¥1,400 + tax

Original Reveal Image

Binding: A5 size, normal size, 224 pages

Pre-order Bonuses: Amazon and A!Smart each come with a different postcard.


They also had a T-shirt available for purchase

Total power special issue of BABYMETAL, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020.

Producer KOBAMETAL talks about their 10 years history in addition to SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. There are lots of secret stories for the first time.

It also includes new visuals as well as past live photos.
Over 200 pages! The whole book, BABYMETAL! A complete must-have for fans!

Purchase Links

It has been sold out on A!Smart for some time, but Amazon Japan (Book with postcard – Only book) still carries it.

CD Japan offered proxy purchasing of A!Smart, but since they are sold out they don’t carry it anymore. However they still have sold T-shirts in the smaller sizes left.

Relations To Special Guests

I am unaware of the direct connections with the other mentioned guests. Though I do know some of them are fans.


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