BABYMETAL has made their first specific announcement for their 10th anniversary. It’s a full book (over 200 pages long!) dedicated entirely to them, featuring interviews with SU-METAL, MOAMETAL and KOBAMETAL, as well as live photos, their costume collection, and more!

They will also be selling a T-shirt for a limited time, which also comes bundled with the book.

Sadly, it does appear that it will all be in Japanese (given that there has been no announcement in English). Nothing currently about whether it will be translated officially yet.

You can find all the info and links below!

Full announcement statement:

Total power special issue of BABYMETAL, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020.

Producer KOBAMETAL talks about their 10 years history in addition to SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. There are lots of secret stories for the first time.

It also includes new visuals as well as past live photos.
Over 200 pages! The whole book, BABYMETAL! A complete must-have for fans!


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BookTee and Book

Release Date: Tuesday, October 13th

Price: ¥1,400 + tax

Book Cover


  • SU-METAL & MOAMETAL, Long Interview
  • KOBAMETAL talks about METAL RESISTANCE, 10 years in the making.
  • Costume collection (here is a fan-made one)
  • Special Talk: Demon Kakka x KOBAMETAL and more.

Binding: A5 size, normal size, 224 pages

Pre-order Bonuses

Amazon and A!Smart each come with a different postcard.

10 Words from fans

In this magazine, we’re looking for the 10 words that make up the appeal of BABYMETAL in your opinion!

  • My favorite Chosen 10 words about BABYMETAL
  • What do you think BABYMETAL is?
  • We’re looking for 10 words that make up what you think BABYMETAL is all about!
  • Get your family and friends involved and apply!

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“BABYMETAL x Separate Kadokawa” Original TEE + Book bundle

Front and Back

Price: ¥5,000 (tax included)

Pre-Ordering Period: August 7 (Friday) 11:00 – August 17 (Monday) 12:00


  • Exclusive to A!Smart.
  • It may be available after the pre-order period, depending on remaining stock.
  • The Original Postcard <B> will not come with this product.



d · August 9, 2020 at 2:46 PM

looks nice!

ian brown · February 8, 2021 at 2:03 PM

konnichiwa hello my name is ian brown I’ve wanted to say is babymetal is totally cool and awesome for tonight that is why i love babymetal so much to my whole entire heart i have one more thing to say is cool and oh by the way your awesome

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