Tom Barnes shared some bonus pics from a photoshoot last year. Here they are.

Scans from that issue

They also used pictures from this photoshoot for December issue’s 1802 (Original post) and 1804 (Original post).

Full images:

Credit to Tom Barnes:

I had the pleasure of shooting Japanese band Babymetal for the cover of Kerrang. It was great meeting their crew and working through ideas for the shoot with the world exclusive of their new reduced lineup and new outfits. Moa-metal and Su-metal were incredibly polite and fun to work with, I think they were impressed with my incredibly basic Japanese.

We chatted about how Japan is my favourite place to visit and spend time, we talked about their new line up and their plans for the new record going forward as a duo instead of a trio. Shooting tethered we were approving shots as we went and their management were really open to the ideas in the studio.

This was my first shoot with the Fuji GFX100 and all lit with my super lightweight Profoto B10 lights – travelling as a photographer has become to much easier now with these smaller lights. For years I have slugged around huge cases and dragged massive power packs and batteries around the world, what used to be three flight cases now fits in my main camera backpack meaning I have become even more streamlined and efficient.

We quickly shot four or five different setups with the band, showing their new masks and outfits for the world exclusive first look. Thanks to Matt for the fun commission. This ended up running as a cover, a silver foiled special edition cover and exclusives with huge beautifully printed litho limited edition art print posters.

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