The second of 2 very special nights from January [Show Report] was broadcast over Japanese TV.

Cut from the broadcast were Kagerou (with Kami Band intro) and the live debut of BxMxC.

I would expect a blu-ray announcement soon (maybe as soon as next week).

Full info below.

Show/Broadcast Info


  1. IN THE NAME OF [All Avengers]
  2. Distortion [Kano]
  3. PA PA YA!! [Kano]
  4. KARATE [Kano]
  5. Syncopation [Momoko]
  6. Head Banger! [Momoko]
  7. Starlight [Riho]
  8. Shine [Riho]
  9. Arkadia [Riho]
  10. Ijime, Dame, Zettai [With all Avengers and Kami (East + West)]

Kami Band

The Western Kami Band played the whole show. The Japanese Kami Band played during Ijime, Dame, Zettai along with them.

  • Chris Kelly
  • CJ Masciantonio
  • Clint Tustin
  • Anthony Barone
  • Takayoshi Ohmura
  • Leda
  • BOH
  • Hideki Aoyama


All of them rotated for different songs, and appeared together for Ijime Dame Zettai.

  • Riho Sayashi
  • Momoko Okazaki
  • Kano Fujihira


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