For those unaware, this is a festival set to take place on May 16th in the Philippines.

As the title says, they don’t mention the festival itself yet.

Here is their full statement:

In consideration of the government imposed lockdown and enhanced community quarantine, our operations will be on hold until further notice.

We are after the safety and welfare of all our employees and valued customers. Stay tuned for announcements and updates.

Thank you for your understanding.

PULP Live World

For more information on the local situation:

The Philippines now has half the country under an “enhanced community quarantine”, this includes Manila, where the festival is scheduled to take place

This means all mass public transportation has been suspended, and residents told they can only leave their homes for essential items.

Offices have been shut and only supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, and banks, as well as food delivery services and water stations will be allowed to remain open. From Tuesday midnight local time, people have 72 hours to leave the island if they wish, after which all air travel will be restricted.

Sources with more info: ReutersCNNAl JazeeraBangkok Post, and Channel News Asia.


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