BABYMETAL has announced THE ONE Members Project 2020. You can find all the information about benefits, how long it lasts, what the new product is, and more, below.

Membership info

The product you must buy is a tee, it costs ¥ 5,000 + shipping.

Membership starts: April 22nd
Membership lasts until: March 31st, 2021

Time until when you can transfer your current metal name (if you are a THE ONE 2019 member) before you lose it: June 15th


  • Exclusive merch on A!Smart (Japanese website, with international shipping)
  • Access to exclusive ticket sales (for shows in Japan)
  • Access to exclusive shows (in Japan)
  • Metal name
  • Access to THE ONE website
  • Email notifications (in Japanese)

THE ONE 2020 product

If you are already a 2019 member, you get a sticker with the purchase of the tee for free, until March 31st. It is 12×12 cm’s.

Purchase link (for new members)

Purchase link for THE ONE 2019 members

Useful guides for newcomers

The Lore

(machine translated)

It’s been about ten years since BABYMETAL, which continued to run on a roadless road, descended into this world.
METAL RESISTANCE finally comes to the final chapter, Chapter 10

Gentlemen, are you ready to headbang?!
When the bell of fate resounds with the countdown of DOOMSDAY,
we become THE ONE!!



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