Note: To anyone in the path of the Hurricane (Bahamas, Florida, East Coast US, etc.), do NOT use this for information on how to act. Always get information from official sources such as the National Hurricane Center, City of Orlando social media, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, or official reports from your local city, among others.

Important information:
The artist planned to play on Tuesday (the day before BABYMETAL) in the same venue has postponed their show (they also postponed their Tampa show on Wednesday). Nothing on BABYMETAL yet from them or the venue, though Avatar’s singer has said they are following the developments, though there are no updates yet.

The Orlando International Airport had previously announced a 2AM Monday closure, but has since gone back on it. This does not mean it could not be closed later on. Bus trips had also been canceled.

Places to follow related to the show:
Hard Rock Live’s Twitter or website
City of Orlando’s Twitter
Orlando International Airport’s Twitter
For those flying or any other method of transportation, contact with your airline/travel company for any delays/cancellations.

Update (Late Sunday):
Orlando Airport has said they will remain open all Monday.
Orlando is now under Tropical Storm WatchPotential winds could be up to 70~ mph and localized floods an occur
Schools will be closed on Tuesday, will asses if they reopen Wednesday.

Update (Sunday): little update from Saturday for the Hurricane itself. It’s projected be a bit closer to the coast, but not make landfall on Florida. But, tropical-storm-force winds, as well as heavy rain, could still affect Orlando.

Important travel news: Orlando International Airport has gone back on their decision to close this Monday at 2AM, and will remain open (for the time being). Though still do check with your airline (or travel company if using another travel method), as some are still keeping their trips cancelled.

Update (Saturday): the hurricane appears to be heading North far sooner than reaching the middle of Florida, which is much better for Orlando. Hurricane-strength winds seem unlikely at the moment, though heavy rains could still cause issues. Also of benefit is that it is speeding up, so it will be over Orlando much less than before, and it will pass sooner than anticipated, earlier on Wednesday morning or even late Tuesday. With that said, however, it appears the Orlando airport will still be closed down. They announced yesterday afternoon that it will be closing at 2AM on Monday, without a re-open time. Some fans have also already gotten messages that their Tuesday – Thursday bus routes have been cancelled.

Also, as always, it could still go head-on to Orlando! Just as it’s trajectory appears to be heading more East than previously expected, it could do the same thing to the other way very easily.

Johannes Eckerström, Avatar’s (band that will open for BABYMETAL most of this tour) lead singer, says that they are also still following the development of the hurricane, and there are no updates at this time. But with that said, fans should take care and asses their own situations to not put themselves in harm’s way.

The band that was scheduled to play the day before BABYMETAL, on Tuesday 3rd, has had to cancel their show. They also cancelled their show on the 4th in nearby Tampa.

Update (Friday): Still many days away, so it could very well change, but the current forecast puts the hurricane entering more south and then turning North as it enters the peninsula. For Orlando this is better because it will not hit as strong, however it is worse as it will stay longer over the city, with more rain falling in that area. For the show, more importantly, it also means it will arrive later, with the eye passing right over the city at around Wednesday morning, the day of the show. This could delay/cancel the show, but even if it doesn’t, flights will be cancelled likely the day or 2 before, the day of, and possibly even a bit of the following day as well, depending how long it stays and the damage it makes. As always, remember that it can still change course, so don’t take any of this as final.

There is nothing yet from the venue (or BABYMETAL). Universal Studios (right next to the venue) is still planning for normal hours, but we will have to see once it gets closer to show day. University of Florida is closing clases on Tuesday, will announce late if Wednesday and Thursday too. It’s in Gainesville, 160~ km’s north-west of Orlando.

Original article below.

BABYMETAL’s largest US Tour ever is scheduled to start Wednesday, September 4th in Orlando at 8PM. Hurricane Dorian is currently making it’s way towards Florida, and expected to make landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane (130mph/210kmph winds) right at the heart of the peninsula where Orlando is. It is currently predicted to make it to Orlando anywhere from late Sunday to late Tuesday, and could leave as late as the time of the show.

It is currently unlikely that the show will be cancelled or delayed. But those going should keep up to date. Just 2 weeks ago, BABYMETAL’s set at Summer Sonic Osaka was delayed due to Typhoon Krosa that passed the night before. Thankfully they were able to play (though other bands had their sets cancelled). [Show Report]

It is still too early to tell if the eye will pass over Orlando, but most models currently put it as passing right over it between late Monday and early Tuesday. Even if the eye of the storm does not go over Orlando, hurricane-force winds currently extend outward up to 15 miles (30 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 90 miles (150 km).

Orlando is quite save relative to other Florida cities as it’s inland and has a higher elevation. Although it’s not likely to cause catastrophic damage, like it could on the coast, it could disrupt essential services. Water and power might become unavailable for several hours or even days. More importantly for those travelling, flights might be cancelled or roads closed.

The Governor of Florida declared a state of emergency this Wednesday for the counties in the line of the storm so they may start preparing. If you live there or will arrive early, be sure to stock up on water and other essentials like gas, in case anything happens to roads which may prevent deliveries or movement.

You can follow the track of the storm on Google Maps, or the National Hurricane Center.

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