BABYMETAL plays again Saturday at 7PM (local time) at Summer Sonic Tokyo (Time converter to your timezone – Countdown). Don’t expect any delays this time, as the stage is enclosed. It will be streamed here.

BABYMETAL was supposed to perform on the MOUNTAIN STAGE between 18:50 – 19:50 but was delayed due to 19:20 due to the stage not being ready because of a Typhoon that passed the previous night.

The setlist was quite long in comparison with most festival sets BABYMETAL does. The usual was 7 songs. It also includes the comeback of 2 old songs, YAVA and Headbanger. They played a video with the electronic instrumental played at the Japan shows last month (some fans believe this is the song FUTURE METAL).

Also of note is they also brought back the smoke cannons!! And there were other artists that took some BM props to their sets. Pictures of this and everything else below.

Show Info

Venue: Maishima Sonic Park – MOUNTAIN STAGE


  1. Megitsune
  2. PA PA YA!!
  3. Gimme Chocolate!!
  4. FUTURE METAL (video interlude) Electronic Instrumental (the one fans think is “FUTURE METAL” from the Japan shows)
  5. Elevator Girl
  6. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
  7. YAVA!
  8. Distortion
  10. Headbanger
  11. Road of Resistance

Kami Band

  • Ohmura
  • BOH
  • Hideki
  • Leda


  • Riho Sayashi

Pro-shot Pictures

Official Festival Pictures:

Other Bands Showing Their Love

Bring Me The Horizon’s singer, Oliver Sykes, came out during their set with the BABYMETAL Megitsune mask. They played right before BM.

Red Hot Chili Pepper’s guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, wore BABYMETAL’s Summer Native Tee (the one they sold at the show). The original (similar) design was used at BM’s first support tour with the RHCP.

New Show Intro Video

Summer Sonic specific intro, which uses the woman announcer used pre-2018 again (translation thanks to Lenzer-Metal):

A long time ago in a METAL GALAXY far, far away…
At the best metal martial arts assembly, also known as Summer Sonic,
The gods of metal meet at this summer festival on the stages of the steel sea and mountain.¹
Young people going every where like waves to the sea and mountain.
The young summer vacation people swallowed up by a gigantic WALL OF DEATH.
The gentle Fox God secretly instructing it all.
Zenzenzense² isn’t here?
Are you all ready to headbang?
The Fox God can’t hear you!³
Are you ready to headbang?
20 years Celebration!⁴ Let the best metal martial arts assembly begin!


1 – “Sea” and “Mountain” are the names of the two biggest stages at Summer sonic. Babymetal played on the Mountain Stage

2 – “Zenzenzense” (前前前世) is the title of a Radwimps song. Radwimps played on the Sea stage at roughly the same time as Babymetal. This is a homage to an old joke from the Summer Sonic 2013 lore intro where Babymetal joked about “Linkin Park isn’t here?” as they played parallel to Linkin Park back then. A member of Radwimps joked on twitter about not having Zenzenzense on their set list for their show afterwards.

3 – The line “mou ichido kiku” (もう一度聞く) could be translated as “let it hear one more time” but “The Fox God can’t hear you” is closer to official translations used by Babymetal.

4 – Summer Sonic 2019 was the 20 year anniversary of the festival.

Visit Lenzer-metal’s website for the original text in Japanese.

Fan Pictures

Fan Videos

1. Megitsune: Jumps
2. PA PA YA!!Official Clip
3. Gimme Chocolate
4. Electronic Instrumental
10. Headbanger
11. Road of Resistance: Wall of DeathWOD 2


Road of Resistance:


Kami/Crew Messages

Hot Summer\( B`o´H)/


It was hot today.

Hidefumi Usami

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