Reddit user /u/GESOMETAL put together some information and he thinks that it points to BMTH being the “To Be Announced” opening band at the BABYMETAL shows in November. All in all, it’s definitely possible, and wouldn’t be anywhere out of place. But let’s wait for confirmation. Here are some things that point towards it:

1. Oli said at the end of their solo show in Tokyo this Monday that they will be back in November. They haven’t added the date yet, and it would be curious for them to try and sell a solo show in Japan with less than 2 months anticipation.

2. Oli also held up the Fox sign quite a lot at the show, making some fans believe he was hinting at it.

3. Fans say they saw Koba, Su, and Moa at the show.

4. Moa said in an interview at Glastonbury 2 months ago that they have talked about a collaboration (at 1:27):

5. They are playing very similar dates to BABYMETAL’s last few shows from their US Tour. They are both playing Aftershock festival too. The 2 bands this year have had a few encounters already (Summer Sonic Osaka and Tokyo, and Glastonbury)

6. Oli doing so many references to BABYMETAL this weekend. Other than those mentioned, he also held up the Megitsune mask in Osaka [Show Report], talked about BABYMETAL and hanged out with them in Tokyo [Show Report], had a BABYMETAL tee on, and even dedicated a song to them at their solo show.

7. Oli has mentioned in the past the interest (in a now deleted tweet that said “yey it’s @babymetal_japan again! BM X BMTH JAPAN TOUR 2016?!? HELL YEA!”), and BABYMETAL responded that they should do it!

Not to mention the tons of times they have been together in the past and made references to each other.


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