Not much to add over yesterday’s set at Osaka [Show Report], pretty much the same show. Differences are they switched Gimme Chocolate!! and PA PA YA!! in the set, it was live-streamed (officially) for 2 songs, and there was no delay because of the weather this time (this stage was enclosed).

Many fans were upset (especially those who got up early) because of the short livestream. WOWOW will broadcast sets from the festival in October, as they always do. Which may include more songs of BABYMETAL, as they have shown in the past.

They are still singing the “ichigo” (15th) version of Headbanger, which is the original. Many were wondering if moving forward they would use the “hatachi” (20th) after they used them at both LEGEND S and LEGEND M.

The setlist, member list, plus a few other things can be found below.

The next show is in Orlando, Florida, USA on September 4th, the first show of the US tour.

October 2019 update: WOWOW Broadcast Road of Resistance as well as alternate angles of PA PA YA!! and Gimme Chocolate and a message from SU-METAL and MOAMETAL.

Show Info

Venue:  Makuhari Messe – MOUNTAIN STAGE


  1. Megitsune
  2. Gimme Chocolate!!
  3. PA PA YA!!
  4. FUTURE METAL (video interlude) Electronic Instrumental (the one fans think is “FUTURE METAL” from the Japan shows)
  5. Elevator Girl
  6. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
  7. YAVA!
  8. Distortion
  10. Headbanger
  11. Road of Resistance

Kami Band

  • Ohmura
  • BOH
  • Hideki
  • Leda


  • Riho Sayashi

Backstage Pictures

The girls played some games with Bring Me The Horizon:

Source (Taku Fujii): “These two pairs of photos of everyone waiting for you have arrived ☺️ Bring Me The Horizon ❤ reunited with BABYMETAL at the venue DEATH 🤘🎮 like in the game to get along”

Post-show message:

“Thank you Summer Sonic Tokyo!! Congratulations on the 20th anniversary!!”

Bring Me The Horizon’s singer, Oliver Sykes, again made reference to BABYMETAL, here is the clip:

The girls with Zebrahead’s guitarist (Kami Band in the back):

He also shared a few side-stage clips of the show on Instagram stories.

Ad on a screen for Spotify:

Pro-shot Pictures

Official Festival Pictures:

Pics from Maya2004com:

Fan Videos

This Periscope livestream has all the songs up till Distortion (but, the quality is not great, most of the time it’s just audio).




Messages from the Kami Band

Yeahhhhh!!\( B`o´H)\m/


Following yesterday, i can’t beat the heat today, and it’s 👍 the best night (‘ω’)


It was the hottest show of this year.🤘👴

It’s still a hot day, let’s think it’s a summer festival every day, so let’s go for hydration, amino acid intake, rest, sleep, eating, and doing well. 🌞

If you have heat stroke at noon, please be careful because there is a possibility of fever in the middle of the night. ‼️


TOTALFAT’s guitarist, Kuboti, says:

Summer Sonic Tokyo 🗼 RHCP is also the best, but if you want to bump up with the shred guitar of Gingin, the flow of TOTALFAT from BABYMETL is recommended, 20:15 ~ RAINBOW STAGE we are waiting for you with 🎸🔥 Mr. Ohmura who respects 🤘

I’m sweating again today.

Hidefumi Usami


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