It was 5 years ago today, on June 5th, 2014, that BABYMETAL took the main stage at Sonisphere in the UK. One of their most important shows in helping them become as big as they are today.

A very famous part of this show is how they were upgraded “last minute” to the main stage.

Full set (fan-cam compilation)
IDZ on BABYMETAL’s official account
Pro-shot of Gimme Chocolate!!


There were quite a few things that happened during the show, among them:

Yui getting stuck with the head towel and Moa missing the cue for BM DEATHVIDEO

Moa actually explained this event on her Sakura Gakuin Diary from July 24th (includes photos from trip):

We left the fortunate Germany, and went to England. We went to famous Sonisphere to perform. Here I ran into the issue where I could not hear from my ear monitor (sweat). At first we were waiting in our position in standby, calming myself and waiting to start, but I heard nothing. Listening carefully, I noticed I can hear the drums right behind me, barely.

Huh? Oh am I in trouble?! Is my ear monitor broken?!! ran trough my mind and I thought about going off stage to get it fixed, but I can feel SU-METAL and YUIMETAL moving. So I thought I’ll just have to move with what faint drumming I can hear, so I quickly assessed what was going on and somehow managed to move. Since we could not do a sound check being at a foreign festival, I heard this kind of stuff happens. The staff noticed what was going on with Moa and quickly addressed the issue, and I was saved. I was so relived when I heard sound coming in through the ear monitor. Thank You! I have been able to participate in many festivals, I felt everything I learned has been useful. And I will never forget the enormous view from the stage!!


Find it full translated here.

Yui’s skirt breaking up during IDZ. You can actually see this on the official video. At 1:04 it’s a bit broken already, and gets worse over time:

Yui getting a mid-show breather before IDZVIDEO

Things we would never see now: the Kami band doing sound check


Post-show message to official members of their fan club (BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE WEB)

With a magician:

The girls watching SlayerVIDEO. Yui even mentions Kerry King’s style of Headbanging in this interview the following year (at 2:47).

With other bands:

Koba, BOH, and Mikio (with some other crew members) go and see Metallica, and are actually able to get on stage with them.

They appear from 3:07 to 4:12


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