As announced previously, BABYMETAL is in Anan magazine’s Vol. 2158. It has now released and fans are sharing pictures. It contains a photoshoot, an interview and live report, will share translation once it is done (not by me, sorry!).

Both the regular and the special edition sold out quickly, as they had BTS on the cover. It is also available digitally on Amazon Kindle store in Japan.

This is the description on Amazon (Google Translate):

A new legendary start. 
The world that monster units have seen. 

From Ariana Grande to Girl Crush. 
Strong, supple, like myself. 
The reason why they shine in the world. 

Live report & interview

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Babymetal anan magazine interview | Lenzer · July 14, 2019 at 3:23 PM

[…] two person group and their future goals for Babymetal. The pictures used are scans that i got from The original can be bought on or […]

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