Some of those following BABYMETAL on Spotify got an email today which announced another version of THE OTHER ONE album, this time a transparent red vinyl.

This isn’t the first transparent red vinyl, as all 3 previous albums have had such a version made available, as well as a couple of singles as well. All of these have been available only internationally, not in Japan.

The email states that there are only 500 units available. But the title from the US and UK BABYMETAL stores made it seem that there were 200 copies made available on the UK store (for £22.00), while 500 were made available for the US store, a total of 700 (for $27.99). In any case, it sold out very quickly on both websites, even though it was limited to one per customer.

The US website says that it comes in a Hard Plastic Sleeve (or Case in the UK).



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