As announced yesterday, “Divine Attack – Shingeki -” has released! They have included alongside the release an official visualizer, which includes several images and clips of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL, as well as lots of imagery, which fans are already exploring to find if there is any further meaning or hints behind them.

We were told that the songs followed the concept of 10 parallel worlds that exist beyond time and space. “Divine Attack – Shingeki -” is centered around one of these themes, “Cavalry”. The release of this single as the first one is a hint from BABYMETAL that they have been preparing and are now charging for the next battle.

The song is very special, not just as it’s the first BABYMETAL song in 3 years, but also as it includes SU-METAL’s first writing credits in a BABYMETAL song! She helped create the lyrics for this song (at the moment we don’t know how much she was involved in)

SU-METAL (Suzuka Nakamoto) has expressed several times about her desire to be a songwriter. At her Sakura Gakuin graduation interview:

Do you feel like writing songs as well?

Yeah, I guess so, it seems that Su has from a young age had a very active imagination. I like writing stories. And I feel that some stories have lifted up my spirits and maybe there are things that I could write that could only affect myself. That is kind of how I see things now.

At present I am not really writing songs, but I think that I may want to do so in the future.

YouTube (at 8:25) – early 2013

She was asked about this a couple of years later:

I do think that writing something would be interesting, but at the same time I feel that I don’t know metal enough to be able to go to that step just yet. I have to learn more about metal before I can take on the reins of a composer or a lyricist.

SU-METAL in an interview with The Music (Australia) – March 2016

She also added:

Yuimetal and Moametal, the other two members of Babymetal, they actually have written some songs and lyrics before. It must be that they enjoy doing it because sometimes when we are travelling together for example the two of them will be writing or humming a song or a tune and it always ends up being very catchy and something that sticks into your head. They are probably more interested in writing the music. I am already taking on a very big role in just trying to develop the song or convey the song when I am on stage. I am having a lot fun just doing that so at this time my focus is all on that.

SU-METAL in an interview with The Music (Australia) – March 2016

We hope this is just the start of some great songs that SU-METAL can bring us!

This also represents the first lyrics for HAYAMETAL, while Meg-Metal has done the arrangement for Syncopation, as well as music for Elevator Girl and Starlight.

For those that want to know the lyrics, Lenzer has done a great job of in just a couple of transcribing and translating them in just over an hour from release. In the first paragraph he also adds an interesting tidbit:

The Japanese Title “Shingeki” means Divine Attack, so it is a direct translation.

Press release (taken from NME):

Last year, Babymetal were ‘sealed’ from the world after a successful 10-year journey. In April 2022, ‘The Other One’ restoration project began to recover the Babymetal we never knew existed within a virtual world called the ‘Metalverse’.

A total of 10 songs have been discovered within ‘The Other One’ restoration project, with each song representing a unique theme based on 10 separate parallel worlds that they have discovered.

One of the discovered 10 parallel worlds is ‘Cavalry’, and their single ‘Divine Attack – Shingeki’ centres around this theme. As if this song is a hint into the future, alluding to a cavalry preparing for their next battle, we can feel a new sense of power from not only the sound but also the lyrics that have been written by SU-METAL for the first time.


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