F. HERO has launched a limited collaboration product project “F.HERO x BABYMETAL Scratch” with BABYMETAL to express respect and gratitude to BABYMETAL, who helped F. HERO connect with Japanese music fans.

F. HERO collaborated with BABYMETAL back in 2019 for the single PA PA YA!!, he appeared at 2 shows shortly after (THE SUN ALSO RISES). and he was set to open for BABYMETAL in Thailand for BABYMETAL’s debut there during their 2020 Asia tour, which was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The products include T shirts, hats, postcards and more.

The sale is done via a lottery/raffle method. So instead of buying the products, you buy chances to win. They are sold in sets of 1, 5 and 10. What you get is completely random, you can even get the same item more than once.

This sale is limited to Japan. Registration is required, in where they ask for payment details as well as a phone number.

Sales Information

Sales Period: From May 13th at 5 AM to June 13th at 11:59 PM

It will only be available on CHET Scratch
Sales Prices: 1 entry is ¥770, 5 entries is ¥3,850 and 10 entires are ¥7,700

Shipping: Approximate shipping time is early September
Shipping cost will be calculated separately at the time of delivery.


S Award

Number of winners: 30
Extremely rare essential! Limited collaboration art (with serial number)

A Award

Number of winners: 450
Limited collaboration T-shirt (4 colors)

B Award

Number of winners: 600
Limited collaboration cap (4 colors)
Size: F

C Award

Number of winners: 1,200
Limited collaboration towel (4 colors)
Size: 85 cm x 34 cm

D Award

Number of winners: 6,300
Limited collaboration bandana (4 colors)
Size: 30 cm x 30 cm

E Award

Number of winners: 9,120
Limited collaboration magnet 2 pieces (4 colors)
Size: 57mm

F Award

Number of winners: 12,300
Limited collaboration postcard set of 3 (4 colors)
Size: 100 x 148 mm



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