Update (26/8): This article has been updated with new information and media with the full collection announcement.

BABYMETAL have announced a collaboration with Coleman for their BMD FOX APPAREL brand. It features a bunch of different camping items, including a tent, a table, a chair, and more.

The items will be up for sale this Friday, August 27th at 6 PM (JST).

Sale Date & Time: August 27 6PM JST


QUICK UP IG SHADE – ¥11,500 – Scheduled to ship from mid to late October
RESORT CHAIR – ¥6,500 – Scheduled to ship from early to mid November
HEALING CHAIR – ¥6,000 – Scheduled to ship from late October to early November
MINI TABLE PLUS – ¥6,800 – Scheduled to ship from late October to early November
DAILY COOLER (20L) – ¥4,200 – Scheduled to ship from late October to early November
LEISURE SHEET ¥5,500 – Scheduled to ship from early to mid November
OUTDOOR WAGON – ¥19,500 – Scheduled to ship from early to mid-December

Product Descriptions, Specifications & Images


Product Description

■ It is a pop-up type that is easy to set up and take down. 
■ It’s a great way to keep your head cool and your feet dry.
■ It is designed to be used in a variety of ways, including as a stand-alone product, as a stand-alone product, or as a stand-alone product.
■ PE floor to prevent water from seeping through the floor
■ Fully open and fully closable.

Capacity: 2 to 3 people
Size when in use: approx. 200 x 150 x 125 (h) cm
Storage size: approx. 59 x 8 cm
Weight: approx. 2.5kg
Water pressure: approx. 500mm (floor: approx. 1,500mm)
Specifications: visor top ventilation, mesh pocket
Accessories: Sand bag, pegs, storage case

Shade skin: 68D polyester taffeta (UVPRO, PU waterproof)
Floor sheet: Polyethylene
Frame: Steel


Product Description
Comfortable converging chair with cup holder

Size when in use: approx. 81 x 51 x 87 (h) cm
Storage size: approx. 14 x 14 x 87 (h) cm
Weight: approx. 3.2kg
Seat width: approx. 53cm
Seat height: approx. 43 cm
Seat height: 43cm
Weight capacity: approx. 80kg
Accessories: Storage case

Seat: Polyester
Frame: steel


Product Description
Low chair that allows you to sit and relax as if wrapped in a hammock

Size when in use: approx. 57 x 58 x 76 (h) cm
Size when stored: approx. 19 x 11 x 90 (h) cm
Weight: approx. 2.5kg
Seat width: approx. 45cm
Seat height: approx. 36 cm
Load capacity: approx. 80kg
Specification: Back pocket
Attachment: Storage case

Seat: Polyester 
Frame: steel


Product Description
Light and easy to carry, this folding mini table is perfect for picnics. The tabletop has an antibacterial finish.

The size when in use: approx. 53 x 40 x 23 (h) cm
Size when stored: approx. 40 x 6 x 26.5 (h) cm
Weight: approx. 1.4kg
Weight capacity: approx. 10kg

Frame: Aluminum
Top board: Melamine processed plywood


Product Description
Perfect for shopping and leisure! With a convenient outside pocket.

Size when in use: approx. 33 x 23 x 27 (h) cm
Storage size: approx. 36 x 8 x 27 (h) cm
Capacity: Approx. 20L
Weight: approx. 610g

Polyester, etc.


Product Description
Easy to clean and made of strong PVC material, this versatile seat can be used for any occasion from picnics to the beach.

■ It comes with corner loops that can be fixed with pegs.
■ It’s the perfect size for family use.
■ Compact and easy to fold for storage.
■ It is water and dirt resistant and easy to clean.

Size when in use: approx. 145 x 200cm
Size when stored: approx. 13 x 38cm
Weight: approx. 1.5kg

Outer fabric and inner fabric: Polyester


Product Description
Easy convergence type outdoor wagon that can carry a lot of luggage easily.

■ Large tires for smooth and easy movement.
■ Easy to use tires with stoppers
■ With D-rings on both sides, it is possible to fix the luggage.

Size when in use: approx. 106 x 53 x 100 (h) cm
Cargo bed size: approx. 88 x 42 x 31 (h) cm
Storage size: approx. 18 x 40 x 77 (h) cm
Weight: approx. 11kg
Weight capacity: approx. 100kg
Accessories: Rubber band with hooks, storage case

Polyester, steel

Release Text

(DeepL translated, removed repeating info)

BMD FOX APPAREL is a product line different from live concert goods, challenging to go beyond the framework of existing concepts to get a new story and lifestyle for BABYMETAL. This time a first-time collaboration with COLEMAN showcases BMD FOX APPAREL logo on variety of stylish COLEMAN outdoor items.

With BMD FOX APPAREL’s brand color being black, the colors of the frames and resin parts were specifically ordered separately to create a pitch-black outdoor item and maintain the brand’s aesthetics. Not only beautiful aesthetically, these 7 items have top-of-the-line functionality, ensuring a perfect use for your outdoor activities. The healing chair that allows you to relax in the comfort of a hammock, the mini table that can be folded for compact storage, and the outdoor wagon, a typical Coleman gear, are all stylishly designed in the style of the “BMD FOX APPAREL” while maintaining their functionality. These cool designs fit not only music festivals and outdoor activities, but also new lifestyles.

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