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The beginning of the end of the METAL RESISTANCE is finally here. These 10 shows will be the final chapter of the METAL RESISTANCE “era”. Only The Fox God Knows what this could mean for the future of BABYMETAL (but don’t expect a disbanding!).

These are the first shows with fans in attendance in over a year in Japan for BABYMETAL, so despite the current situation, many fans are very excited to go.

The shows will be held very differently to regular shows due to the ongoing pandemic and recent government imposed restrictions. Among the main changes are a severally reduced capacity (of about 1/3rd the venue or less), a dress code, stricter measures before, during, and after the show, an earlier start time due to a curfew, and online-only merch sales, among others.

BABYMETAL themselves have stated that they had to make some changes to the show itself due to these current restrictions. Let us hope that the shows can be spectacular, and that everyone from fans, members of the band, and crew members, can remain safe and COVID-free.

Just earlier today BABYMETAL announced that the 4 February shows are sold out, and ended up leaking the dates for the last 4 shows, which were likely going to be announced after the show. We will know soon enough if these are the final dates.

Also, right after the show, at 8 PM (Japan time) there will be a memorial livestream for Mikio (Today he would have turned 40) on Keasler’s YouTube Channel. It seems they will be competing at cooking with ingredients from Mikio’s family store. This includes some Kami Band members, like Yuya Maeta and ISAO. Tweet from Toki with info.

From inside we have only gotten pictures from before the show started, with the stage and all. It looks like it has the octagon shape of the venue. There is a smaller one in the middle (which is a screen), that then comes down a step and is a bit larger, then an empty area, where the Kami Band is, and an outer ring of the same shape. That plus a 360 screen right on top of the stage with speakers and all. Pictures after the show showed a bit more clearly, including the elevators and moving parts of the stage,

Full info as always below.

Miscellaneous Info

Merchandise (only sold online on A!Smart) – Full info

Official venue information – Venue map:

Show Info

Venue: Nippon Budokan


17:00 (5:00 PM): Doors
18:30 (6:30 PM): Start Time – Time zone converter – Countdown
19:55 (7:55 PM): End Time


2) Distortion
3) PA PA YA!!
4) Gimme Chocolate!!
5) Doki Doki ☆ Morning
7) Megitsune
9) Starlight
10) Headbanger!!
11) Road of Resistance
— Encore —
12) THE ONE (Japanese ver.)
13) Ijime, Dame, Zettai

Kami Band

  • Ohmura Takayoshi
  • BOH
  • ISAO
  • Hideki Aoyama

Chosen Avenger

  • Momoko Okazaki



The sign in front of the venue is up

Ohmura preparing for show


Fan merch & Official merch sign (to buy online)

Fans can hear Su singing from outside


Fans waiting outside and entering

Savior Mask


Social Distancing


Camera setup


Official Picture & Video

Images released later, by Taku Fujii:

Little Moments

RoR C&R:

During RoR, Su said: “I can see all the way to the back of the room! and “Thank you for coming today!

“We ARE …” at the end:

“WE ARE ~?” In 4 directions
But they responded with fox signs and applause without speaking out.

Another We are “story”

They were saying “We are BABYMETAL” as they went down the aisle, and then they were leaving! We are BABYMETAL”, and then she slapped Moa-chan on the buttocks, right?


End of show


Live Viewings Announced

For February 14th. Full announcement.


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