As of October 2020, METAL GALAXY has finally reached gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, meaning it shipped 100,000 units in Japan since release. Because of this BABYMETAL may now participate for the “35th Japan Gold Disc Award”, which should be held in February 2021.

This also means now all 3 BABYMETAL albums have reached this certification. Congratulations to them!

For METAL GALAXY it took a year to get there. In comparison, BABYMETAL received gold certification in December 2014, 10 months after release. Meanwhile, METAL RESISTANCE received gold certification in April 2016, the same month it released (technically it released in late March, but the official release date was April 1st). METAL RESISTANCE actually sold a lot more in its first week, 153,198 units sold.

See also: METAL GALAXY Charting the First Week and the first month.

Certification Criteria

Note that it’s units shipped, not sold.

CertificationMinimum cumulative net shipments
Double Platinum500,000
Triple Platinum750,000
2 Million2,000,000
So on…X,000,000



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