Update: added BABYMETAL’s message to fans, scroll below the pictures for it.

Also added and fixed some details

As announced last month, BABYMETAL will be participating in “SONGS OF TOKYO 2020 FESTIVAL”. They actually already recorded the performance (and possible interview/other things), but it will be broadcast next Saturday at 8:10-8:58 AM, and will be rebroadcast again at 14:10, 19:10, and 26:10 hs. (Japan time).

The show is on NHK World (free online) and has subtitles.
They also offer an app, and you may have the channel on your local TV.

For those unaware, “SONGS OF TOKYO” is a program produced by NHK WORLD with the idea of showcasing Japanese culture ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. The event will be broadcast over 4 days: October 24th, 25th, 31st and November 1st.

NOTICE: Do not read ahead if you want to be surprised of the performance (song, Avenger, etc.), as there are pictures from it.

The performance was already recorded back on Sunday, October 10th/11th with no audience.

The Avenger of the first performance in over half a year is Momoko! The Kami Band remains masked, but due to the instruments they appear to be BOH, Ohmura, ISAO, and Hideki.

As for the songs, from what can be seen in the pictures it appears to be at least “PA PA YA!!”, and “BxMxC”. They could possibly be abridged versions, as BABYMETAL (and other artists) tend to do for TV performances).

BABYMETAL’s Message To Overseas Fans

My Navi article machine traslated:

BABYMETAL’s message to their overseas fans: “We’re looking forward to the day we get to see you.

SONGS OF TOKYO Festival” is an annual festival organized by “SONGS OF TOKYO” (NHK World Japan and NHK Sogo), and this year it was the 4th annual event and was recorded on October 10th and 11th with no audience.

SU-METAL commented, “We don’t have many opportunities to perform on TV, so we thought we would be nervous, but we were able to relax and perform by remembering everyone’s faces and knowing that everyone in the world was watching us.

MOAMETAL said, “It’s been 10 years since we formed, but we’ve been to so many countries. We really love to go there and perform live to meet everyone who has been waiting for us. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone who we haven’t met yet, so we’re looking forward to the day when we can go and meet them.

Regarding the fact that the event will be shown overseas, SU-METAL said, “I’m so happy to be able to show this event to the world in this way because I really wanted to go to see you since the overseas live was canceled. I think our music is energetic and empowering, so I would be happy if our music could make you smile and cheer you up.



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