The Amuse artist pages are pretty important as they are used “officially” by Amuse. A profile being removed from there means the contract has expired, so any changes are followed by the fanbase very closely. In 2018 a month before the tour was going to start the names of the BABYMETAL members were removed from the profile, little did many know it was an early signal of the lack of YUIMETAL for the 2018 World Tour.

Anyway, on to the changes. The main one being the new look of the website, that had seldom changed in almost a decade.

BABYMETAL Profile Link

With this update we also got this super-high resolution 7495 x 7495 pixel picture of the new BABYMETAL artist image.

It also updated the information on the bio (it hadn’t been updated since 2017). Though all the previous info was removed, now only mentioning Wembley (as having happened in 2017 lol) and then skipping to the start of their tour in 2019.

Edit: They also added “THE ONE” as a “Fan Club”, even though THE ONE website has said for years that it isn’t a fan club. It’s super likely just a website thing, but still funny nonetheless.

Likewise, the SU-METAL and MOAMETAL pages (which contained only the most basic info) are no longer available. Though those were only able to be accessed via URL, there were no links on the website.

Yui’s profile for those interested. And a 3445 x 5168 resolution version of her profile picture.

Her page also went from listing her activities as “Model, Stage, Movies, Drama, Voice Actor/Narration” to just “Actor / talent”.

She never had “musician” listed, though this is probably due to the fact she does’t play instruments (professionally, at least).


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