Everything Announced on October 10th About BABYMETAL’s 10th Anniversary

BABYMETAL will be streaming special commentary from journalists, referred to as “Prophets of Metal” by BABYMETAL, for 5 nights in a row on their YouTube channel to celebrate the release of “BEST ALBUM” for their 10th anniversary. Every night at 9 PM (Japan time) they will stream videos with some commentary from 3 journalists, who are also fans, and have reported on BABYMETAL for several years (almost since the start).

The first event was only in Japanese, but for the 2nd one they added English subtitles for international fans.

Video #1 [My First BABYMETAL]: Doki Doki Morning, LEGEND Corset Festival [first solo show at RockMayKan], LEGEND I,D,Z, 1st album “BABYMETAL”, and Budokan.
Video #2 [First World Tour]: Overseas Reaction [Sonisphere], European Tour [2014/2015], and the Trilogy [Yokohama Arena 2015].

This is also not marked (yet, at least) as one of the 5 missing events from the anniversary website.


  1. Sunday, October 11th, 21:00 –
  2. Monday, October 12th, 21:00 –
  3. Tuesday, October 13th, 21:00 –
  4. Wednesday, October 14th, 21:00 –
  5. Thursday, October 15th, 21:00 –

Prophets of Metal

The 3 “Prophets of Metal” who appear in the video are:

Full Announcement

To celebrate the release of BEST ALBUM “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” to be released on December 23rd, “Prophets of Metal” who have been witnessing LEGEND as a temporary figure of BABYMETAL and have covered many events from its formation to the present, trace the 10 years of METAL RESISTANCE and unravel the phenomena that BABYMETAL has caused.


Interesting note, news website Natalie made a post about the anniversary. Initially they had info about this event, which they shortly deleted. It was supposed to start on the 10th, but apparently got delayed for some reason.


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