He was born on September 30th in Pennsylvania, United States, same as the other 2 Kami Band members from Galactic Empire. He is a guitarist and also a videographer. Curiously, he is mainly a guitarist (he plays the guitar for Galactic Empire too), but he plays the bass for BABYMETAL.

As mentioned, Clint is a member of Galactic Empire. He first played for BABYMETAL with the rest of the “Kami’s of the West” in September 2019 for the US leg of the METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR, returning for the European 2020 tour and LEGEND – METAL GALAXY.

Clint even did a guitar cover of a BABYMETAL song, Starlight:

This main picture of this post was actually taken by Anthony Barone during the European tour earlier this year. (Cut with CJ Masciantonio), another Kami Band member who also plays for Galactic Empire. You may remember him from his own birthday picture earlier this year with Su, Moa, and Momoko.

Here are links to his social media:

Twitter – Instagram – YouTube

Info on all the Kami Band members


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