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Born August 11th, 1977 in Hiroshima, Japan, same place as Suzuka and Riho. Her full name is Mikiko Mizuno (no relation to Yui).

She has been with BABYMETAL since the very start (she also worked with Sakura Gakuin, as well), and continues to do their choreography to this day. She is mostly known not just as BABYMETAL’s choreographer, but also Perfume’s, and has her own dance group, ELEVENPLAY. In 2018, a few of the dancers that joined BABYMETAL were from ELEVENPLAY. She also did the choreography for Suzuka’s previous group, Karen Girls.

She is one of the most successful people inside the BABYMETAL crew. Her biggest achievement is likely doing the choreography for the closing event at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics (now planned for 2021).

To learn more about her, you can watch this Esprit Japon report and interview from 2015 (sadly removed!) which reviews her beginnings as a dancer, her stay in United States and the subsequent work as Perfume’s choreographer. Or also read this interview in Hedoban Vol. 6 [Purchase link] where she talks in depth about Road Of Resistance‘s choreography, and how much the girls had learned thanks to the experience overseas (interview is from 2015) and how that helped them to be better performers.

So if you enjoy any of BABYMETAL’s choreography, be sure to thank her.

Follow her on TwitterInstagram. Personal website and WikipediaELEVENPLAY website.


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