Current Student Council President and part-time Avenger KANOMETAL/Kano Fujihira will be graduating from Sakura Gakuin at the end of this month, along with the other three seniors, Yoshida Soyoka, Aritomo Tsugumi and Mori Momoe.

The graduations tend to be in March (when the school-year ends in Japan), however due to the pandemic this had to be delayed. This is the new chosen date for the graduation, which will have no audience, but will be streamed online. Those outside Japan will be able to watch too!

Full info below, courtesy of Sakura Gakuin 12, and the Sakura Gakuin website. Here is also a video of Kano talking about it (not subbed):

There will be 2 streams, the graduation performance and a special program called “The Last Homeroom”.

“The Road to Graduation 2019 Special Program ~The Lost Homeroom~”

Date: August 30th (Sun)
Time: 16:00 JST~
Content: The members and Mori-sensei look back into 2019 Nendo. Scheduled to be around 1 hour long.

“The Road to Graduation 2019 Final ~Sakura Gakuin 2019 Nendo Sotsugyo~”

Date: August 30th (Sun)
Time: 17:30~
Content: Live performance & graduation ceremony. Scheduled to be around 1.5 hours long.

Ticket and Stream Info

・Only Stream ① = 1,100 yen (tax-included)
・Only Stream ② = 3,850 yen (tax-included)
・Both Streams ①② = 4,950 yen (tax-included)

※Customers who want to purchase both streams ①② can select both options at the same time to avoid being charged double on ticketing fee.

Purchase Period: July 27th (Mon), 20:00 JST ~ August 31st (Mon), 21:00 JST

Purchase URLs:
Within Japan
Outside Japan

Online Stream Archive Period: Until Monday, August 31st at 23:59 JST

Special Notice: Due to COVID-19, the online streams may be stopped or changed according to future situation. In that case, more information will be shared via HP on that day.

In other news, they are also still offering the chance to get the graduation photobook signed.


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