Here is all the info and links you need regarding the LEGEND S – BAPTISM XX event set to occur in a few hours.

Livestream Link

Time: 8 PM (Japan time) [Time zone Converter – Countdown]

No Rain, No Rainbow “MV” from LEGEND S

BABYMETAL has requested that for the day of the event, please be sure to wear the “Baptism Certificate (SNS icon)” before attending.

Translated: they want fans to use the logo (BABYMETAL one with black background – Transparent) as their profile pictures for the day.

They themselves have changed it to that already on all social media platforms (here is YouTube).

Show Info

Date: December 2nd and 3rd, 2017

Venue: Green Arena, Hiroshima, Japan


  2. Ijime, Dame, Zettai
  3. Gimme Chocolate!!
  4. Doki, Doki Morning
  5. Akatsuki
  6. GJ! (Moa solo ver.)
  7. Syncopation
  8. Meta Taro
  9. No Rain, No Rainbow
  10. 4 no Uta / Song 4 (Moa solo ver.)
  11. Megitsune
  12. KARATE
  13. Road Of Resistance
  14. Headbangeeerrr!!!
  16. THE ONE (English ver)

Kami Band:

  • Guitar: Takayoshi Ohmura
  • Guitar: Mikio Fujioka
  • Bass: BOH
  • Drums: Hideki Aoyama
  • Piano & String Quartet

If you want to read the reactions from back then, check out the original Tour Thread’s: Day 1 – Day 2.

Interesting Trivia About The Show

  • Birthday show for SU-METAL
    • Given the importance of this birthday (20th birthday in Japan is very important) it took place in Hiroshima, her birth town, the first time BABYMETAL every played there.
    • Head Banger lyrics were changed for the occasion from “ichigo no yoru o” (night of my fifteenth) with “hatachi no yoru o” (night of my twentieth).
  • First show without Yui. Message from BABYMETAL – Thread
  • Even though it’s only 1 pro-shot, it was actually 2 nights. The first night was only for THE ONE members
  • When it released in August 2018 they had exhibitions in Tower Records across Japan. Hiroshima’s got the honor of holding a display case showing Su’s outfit for that nightSubreddit thread.
  • 3 “Special Treasures” (which lit up during the show at special times) for the fans attending. To be fair, tickets did cost ¥20,000 (¥2,000 if you were born in the year around Su’s birth year).
  • WOWOW Livestream ad


They will sell merch for 24 hours only.

Sales times

JAPAN: June 28th 2 PM – June 29th 2 PM JST
EUROPE: June 28th 7 AM – June 29th 7 AM CEST
USA: June 27th 10 PM – June 28th 10 PM PDT

Store Links


  • Limited to one item per design per order.
  • All A!Smart (Japan) orders ship in September
  • The Wembley merch from the last livestream arrived in different waves, so do not be surprised if yours takes longer than shown below.


IxK Tee

Brand new design in honor of the live-stream.

Price: ¥3,700 / $38 / £28
Ships: The week of July 27th

KxOxD Tee

Brand new design in honor of the live-stream.

Price: ¥3,700 / $38 / £28
Ships: The week of July 27th


Black embroidered sew-on patch.

Price: ¥900 / $8 / £8
Ships: The week of August 10th


Black embroidered sew-on patch.

Price: ¥900 / $8 / £8
Ships: The week of August 10th



Price: ¥3,800 / $45 / £40
Ships: The week of September 14th


Price: ¥1,200 / $11 / £10
Ships: The week of July 27th


Features a removable bandana.

Collar length:
Small – 9-14″
Large – 18-32″

Price (Size S): ¥2,600 / $24 / £20
Price (Size M) [Japan Store Only]: ¥2,800
Price (Size L): ¥3,000 / $28 / £24

Ships: The week of July 27th

LEGEND S Purchase Links

In case you want to own the show and rewatch to your hearts content, here are some purchase links:

LEGEND S Blu-ray/DVD (only sold in Japan): Amazon Japan – CD Japan – A!Smart

You can also find LEGEND S available digitally on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon Prime Video, and other services, depending on the region. It is very affordable, so do check this option out!

Sadly THE ONE edition with audio CD’s, a photobook, and nicer packagingwas only available for pre-order in 2018.


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