BABYMETAL has announced another livestream, to take place next weekend. This time it’s Su’s 20th birthday show, LEGEND S, which took place in Hiroshima (her hometown) in early December 2017. This was the first show without Yui, there was a message shared a few hours before Day 1 where she said she had to miss it due to health issues.

Curiously, this will be the 1 year anniversary of the debut of BABYMETAL’s current “form” with the Avengers.

Like the Wembley stream they will also be selling merch from the shows, as well as new merch too, including a “STAY METAL” PET COLLAR produced by SU-METAL! That’s a new one!

Remember that the merch is only available for 24 hours and will ship in September. This time all the merch is available on all 3 main stores (A!Smart in Japan, the US store and the UK store), and none are THE ONE members-only merch.

Full info below.

Date:Sunday, June 28th
Time: 8 PM (Japan time) [Time zone Converter – Countdown]

No Rain, No Rainbow “MV” from LEGEND S:


They will sell merch throughout that day only (24 limit).

Sales times:

JAPAN: June 28th 2 PM – June 29th 2 PM JST
EUROPE: June 28th 7 AM – June 29th 7 AM CEST
USA: June 27th 10 PM – June 28th 10 PM PDT

Shipping time:

  • Scheduled to ship out early September.


Exclusive items:

[Prices are for A!Smart – Taxes are included]

  • “LEGEND – S – BAPTISM XX – IxK” TEE – ¥3,700
  • “LEGEND – S – BAPTISM XX – KxOxD” TEE – ¥3,700
  • PATCH-I – ¥900
  • PATCH-II – ¥900
  • DOOR MAT – ¥3,800
  • “STAY METAL” BANDANA – ¥1,200
  • “STAY METAL” PET COLLAR Produced by SU-METAL – Size S ¥2,600 / M ¥2,800 / L ¥3,000

The following items are also available (only on A!Smart):

  • “LEGEND – S – BAPTISM XX – ” Blu-ray ¥8,800 / DVD ¥7,700
  • THE ONE 2020 (T-Shirt & Access code) – ¥5,000 each

Other info:

  • All items are restricted to 1 piece per check out.
  • All ordered items will be shipped together.
  • Tee sizes are S / M / L / XL / XXL



BABYMETAL Website: Stream – Merch


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