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Born June 9th, 1987 in Mie prefecture of the Kansai region of Japan with the name “Shinji Yuuto”, better know by many here as “Leda Cygnus” or just “Leda”.

He has had other stage names before, such as “Yu-To”, and been in several other bands, the latest being Far East Dizain, which disbanded a year ago. Since then he has mostly stayed solo and performed in various shows with other artists. He has released 2 EP’s since, MIRAGE OF GEMINI and Cygnus Lake.

His first show with BABYMETAL was LEGEND Z (debuting with Ohmura and Hideki). He is the only Kami (that we know of) that has helped create songs for BABYMETAL. He arranged No Rain, No Rainbow, and did the recording of bass for Road of Resistance, and guitar and bass for both Amore and No Rain, No Rainbow. More recently, he recorded the guitar and bass for Arkadia. He even did the score for it in the November 2019 Issue of Young Guitar Magazine.

Follow him on his personal Twitter, as well as his staff Twitter, and his website.

You can read much more about him in the BABYMETAL Newswire biography. Check the Kami Band guide to see info on all the Kami’s.


Thank you all so much.

I really appreciate you coming to congratulate me while the world is going through a difficult time.

I’ll blog about it in the evening.


Happy birthday, Leda 🎉
I’m looking forward to the day we get to play together again!


Happy birthday, Leda 🎉
I want to stand on stage with you again😊.

IKUO (ex-bass Kami)

Last year’s birthday post.


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