THE ONE website countdown has finished, so now we are officially in EPISODE X, the last EPISODE of METAL RESISTANCE.

THE ONE website is now open to registrations from people that have THE ONE 2020 Tee.

Update: THE SUN ALSO RISES (THE ONE Only Blu-ray set) is back in stock. It had sold out once the pre-order period ended on February 4th. Seems they had some leftover stock.

Sadly, there aren’t any announcements. The only “announcement” is that they will be closed during golden week so they will answer your emails after. Lol.

This is not unexpected (has happened before), but it’s quite possible the Coronavirus situation has affected BABYMETAL’s plans around this date, as it seems to have done with FOX DAY. It was announced that “all would be revealed” about XX DAY on FOX DAY… but there wasn’t any new info.

On this date I would have expected at least information regarding the first lottery for that show (if it would have been a show, not confirmed yet), and possibly opening it exclusively to everyone that pre-ordered before FOX DAY.

The only thing related to THE ONE that is expected is the LEGEND – METAL GALAXY THE ONE Blu-ray set. Whether there will be a regular version remains to be seen, but given the size of the shows, and the fact it is getting 2 WOWOW broadcasts, it’s pretty much all but confirmed that it will get a THE ONE release at the very least. The first broadcast happened last week (watch it here), next one is May 17th.

In case you are interested in becoming a THE ONE member, here is a text guide, and here is a video guide explaining what it is and how to become a member:


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