Update: it appears that the BABYMETAL feature will just be a translation of the article in Metal Hammer UK Issue 327, released in September 2019.

Another magazine featuring BABYMETAL to add to the many that will release this month.

Metal Hammer will launch in Japan later this month, in the Japanese language. It features BABYMETAL (no other information added yet).

Release Date: March 23rd
Purchase Link: Amazon Japan
Cost: ¥1,650

BABYMETAL is not only Japan, but also the world. Isn’t there a lot of people who couldn’t get the imported book of “Metal Hummer 327” on the cover because it quickly sold out? The magazine’s interview feature is delivered in the same big volume as the original!

New Japanese editor Takehide Okami says: “All the staff are excited that Metal Hammer magazine will land in Japan. In the 1980s to 2000s, heavy metal was a popular music genre in Japan, comparable to domestic J-Pop. But now, I can’t help but feel that pop music, dance music, rap songs, etc. have been taken away.

Along with cover star Ozzy, the first issue of Metal Hammer Japan will feature Babymetal, Korn and more.

Metal Hammer

For more information, you can. follow their Twitter account.



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