This is merch exclusive to the shows in Japan this month. 14 new items (19 if you count each individual key chain), plus 2 special bonus items (calendar and/or cloth) if you buy a certain amount of media from them.

This is the first time BABYMETAL release a merch item with another band’s name on it (Bring Me The Horizon, the openers, on the towel) since Kiba of Akiba back in 2013.

See all the prices and things below.

New merch:

  • AMBIVALENCE TEE – ¥3,700 yen
  • FOXNESHA TEE – ¥3,700 yen
  • TRANCE FOX TEE – ¥3,700
  • “METAL GALAXY” Parker – ¥7,000
  • GALAXY Jumper – ¥7,000
  • GALAXY Short Pants – ¥4,500
  • GALAXY Body Bag – ¥4,000
  • FOX MASK III – ¥2,000
  • Ear Protector – ¥2,200
  • “GALAXY GALAXY GALAXY” face towel – ¥2,100
  • “GALAXY GALAXY GALAXY” knit cap – ¥3,700
  • “GALAXY GALAXY GALAXY” rubber band – ¥800
  • “GALAXY GALAXY GALAXY” key holder (6 types / random selection) – ¥1,800

Purchase restrictions: 1 item per type per person, and 6 for the key holders.

They will also sell:

  • THE ONE 2019 (T-Shirt & Access Code) – ¥5,000
  • BMD FOX APPAREL blouson – ¥19,800
  • BMD FOX APPAREL short pants – ¥9,800
  • BMD FOX APPAREL leggings – ¥4,800

For those that buy over ¥2,000 worth of CD’s, DVD’s, or Blu-ray’s at the venue, you will get the choise of a BABYMETAL 2020 plastic calendar or a METAL GALAXY cleaner cloth. Purchases of over ¥4000 qualify to receive both the BABYMETAL 2020 plastic calendar and a METAL GALAXY cleaner cloth.

General Notes:

  • This merch is exclusive to the 4 shows in this month in Japan. You must have a ticket to the shows to be able to buy the merch.
  • You can use cash or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, DISCOVER)
  • The time and place for venue sales will be announced on the BABYMETAL official website at a later date (about a week before the shows).


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