14 days before the official worldwide release date, BABYMETAL posted an Instagram Story (they have yet to post elsewhere). The story was a video which starts with a silent “14 days to METAL GALAXY” distorted text, then a picture of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL appears, with background of “the galaxies” they have been using, and the recently release Shanti Shanti Shanti playing.

A day later they posted yet another video which followed the same format, they used a different picture and played Kagerou this time. Given the International edition of the album contains 14 songs, it seems that every day they may post a new picture with a different song.

The Japanese version has 16, but there seems to have been little to no mention of them on their social media (all versions and info here)

[WARNING] For all videos the first second is silent, but then it gets loud.

September 27th – 14 days – Shanti Shanti Shanti:

September 28th – 13 days – Kagerou:

[WARNING SPOILERS for songs ahead]

September 29th – 12 days – Brand New Day (feat. Tim Henson and Scott LePage):

September 30th – 11 days – Night Night Burn:

October 1st – 10 days – PA PA YA!! (feat. F. Hero):

October 2nd – 9 days – Starlight:

October 3rd – 8 days – DA DA DANCE (feat. Tak Matsumoto):

October 4th – 7 days – Distortion (feat. Alissa White-Gluz):

October 5th – 6 days – Elevator Girl (Japanese ver.):

October 6th – 5 days – IN THE NAME OF:

October 7th – 4 days – Oh! MAJINAI (feat. Joakim Brodén):

October 8th – 3 days – Shine:

October 9th – 2 days – Arkadia:

October 10th – 1 day – FUTURE METAL:


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