A photoshoot and interview with 2 persons, finished without problems. They became adults. Have fun with the next issue.

This is Hedoban’s chief editor, Umezawa Naoyuki, who explained BABYMETAL’s success world-wide in the Anan issue 2158 back in July.

Many BABYMETAL fans in the comments seem to believe it refers to the girls.

He posted many Tweets about BABYMETAL these past few days as well.

At the very end of the previous issue (Vol. 23) it has half a page dedicated to teasing the next issue. It says:

Hedoban Vol. 24 is scheduled to be released in early October!

The planned release in early October naturally covers the duo that will release their third album that will be released on October 11th!

The next issue is the first special edition of BABYMETAL since Vol. 10 released in April 2016!

We will dissect the 3rd album “METAL GALAXY” thoroughly!

Vol. 24 features special thanks and affection as much as possible because it is the artist who inspired the launch of Hedoban and because it is the artists who changed metal. Stay tuned!

As explained, Vol. 10 was published a couple of days before Metal Resistance released to cover it. It includes very long interviews from the girls and Koba himself. If you haven’t yet read them, you must, they are very long, but very in depth:

Amazon Japan purchase link – Scans


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