See the original announcement post here, with images from the show and more.

As announced by Toki and Takayoshi Ohmura yesterday, the DVD is now out! You can purchase it here.

It comes with 2 DVD’s, plus a 12 page booklet. This is the longest My Little God set, with 4 hours 22 minutes of playtime. It costs ¥4500.

This was the tribute show done this year for Mikio’s birthday at Mikio’s hometown, with his family and friends.

To buy from that website, you will need a proxy website (such as Tenso) to ship it to you. You could wait as previous releases have been sold on CDJapan and Amazon Japan, but as always, Toki reminds fans that the most money gets to Mikio’s family if bought via VIPER EXPRESS:

[Reservation starts from 21:00 tomorrow] Since it is a donation work for all sales, it is fine if possible, so purchasing with [VIPER EXPRESS which does not generate intermediate margin] is the highest return rate. And if you make a reservation, the work efficiency of the volunteer staff will be greatly reduced. I’m sorry …


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