The first 2 shows of the year! Lots of new things at these shows. The formation has changed yet again, there will now be a 3rd member supporting the girls, and they will rotate, they also showed some new outfits that return a bit to their older looks, but also have a fresh take on it. Other than PA PA YA!! (with an appearance of F. Hero), 3 new songs played! Fans named them Arcadia and Shanti, and the other one is just mentioned as “the electronic intro”. It also appears that the “media blackout” has ended, as the girls (as well as even Koba!!) have appeared in backstage photos. And probably the most important for most, at the end of the first night they announced the Metal Galaxy Tour in Japan for November, their first full EU/UK tour for early 2020, as well as the release date and name for their 3rd album.

Check out all of this and more, below.

Mid-July 2019 update: Merch is now being sold on A!Smart for THE ONE members.
August update: added correct names of songs.
October 2019 update: the show was broadcast on WOWOW.
November 2019 update: the full blu-ray set was announced. It will release on April 1st, only for THE ONE members.
March 2020 update: Elevator Girl and YAVA! were included on the special “BABYMETAL Live Selection – Odyssey to the METAL GALAXY” broadcast on WOWOW.
April 2020 update: Blu-ray set released.


BABYMETAL announced in the intro video that there will be a 3rd member supporting Su and Moa in the shows:

And to support SU-METAL and MOAMETAL

Three brave avengers were summoned by the FOX GOD.

Today, one out of these three CHOSEN DANCERS will be selected

But who will be summoned is something only the FOX GOD knows.

The first night it was Riho Sayashi (Morning Musume), the 2nd was Kano Fujihira (Sakura Gakuin), and we have yet to see who the 3rd “avenger” will be.

Show Info

Set List

  1. New Song (fan name: Arcadia) [Debut – Arkadia]
  2. Megitsune
  3. Elevator Girl
  4. Distortion
  5. New Song (Ind-Metal/Shanti) [Debut – Shanti Shanti Shanti]
  6. Starlight
  7. Syncopation
  8. YAVA!
  9. PA PA YA!! (with F. Hero) [Live Debut]
  10. Gimme Chocolate!!
  11. KARATE
  12. New Song (played over video) [Debut – FUTURE METAL]
  13. THE ONE
  14. Road of Resistance

Kami Band

  • Isao
  • BOH
  • Hideki
  • Leda


  • Riho Sayashi (Night 1)
  • Kano Fujihira (Night 2)

Pro-shot Videos

PA PA YA!! MV, filmed at the show (Night 2)

Pro-shot Pictures

Gekirock and Excite by Tsukasa Miyoshi (Showcase):

Nikkan Sports:


Entertainment Station

Backstage Pictures

F. Hero with BABYMETAL after the show

Su and Moa got pictures taken with F. Hero’s daughter, Chujai:

F. Hero included a message:

Moa and Su taught Chujai to do Fox Sign while BM team let our family took the photo with them.

I didn’t have much chance to talk with the girls before the show because it was pretty hectic at backstage, but when we greeted, everyone in the band including staff gave us warm welcome and friendly smiles.
The important part is, it’s obvious from the photo that the girls are really nice and kind.
And this could be the good opportunity for me to bring Chujai into the world of rock. After she took the photo with the girls, she started to have interest in their performance and finally became CHU Metal.

Start from BABYMETAL and then will let her listen to Slipknot

Thank you BABYMETAL and their fans from my heart.

In the next 10 years, meet two of us at Paradise festival.

F. Hero

Translation credit goes to /u/RemyRatio. He adds:

Too bad some expression couldn’t get across due to different grammar because I really like how he referred to them!

In Thai we have separated words for older and younger sister/brother (unlike in English) and we put it in front of the name when referring to them, so he called them older sister Moa and older sister Su.

Friends That Attended

In attendance was ex-Sakura Gakuin and Karen Girls member, Ayami Muto. She Tweeted about it and later deleted the tweet



Ayami Muto

F. Hero’s Thanks To Band, Crew, And Fans

He also added a much longer post (with photos):

My manager called me in one afternoon that there is an email from a Japanese, the sender introduced himself as Key Kobayashi. He wanted to meet me for the collaboration.

The email also said he is the “Producer and Manager of Japanese Girls Band BABYMETAL”.

You don’t have to guess that I was keen about it, but I couldn’t be so keen for too long because I was afraid that it could be a scam.

I quickly told Belle (his wife) to searched Key Kobayashi in google, so I discovered that he really is the founder of BABYMETAL. In the photo he looks like a thug with mustache, long hair, looking intimidating.

We talked to him through my manager and agreed to meet him. On that day not only I met Koba, but also Mr. Takeshi, both are nice, so different from my thug imaginary of them.

We communicated through interpretors who were hire by both sides. The conclusion is Mr. KEY wanted me to featuring in the new song of BABYMETAL with summer theme, then he showed me the Demo. The lyric of the entire song only have the growl PAPAYA or มะละกอ in Thai, mixed with nice pop melody without any vocal.

In that moment, I understood, I asked him if he wanted to make a song about papaya salad, which the answer is yes. I told him it would be really cool to add the Thai folk song (หมอลำ) in it. So it had become the legit Thai-Japanese project.

I introduced Mr. Key and Mr. Takeshi to the legendary producer Mag, who is very skilled in live instrumentals.
Mag had become the representative of Thai producer who arranged Thai harp and Thai flute to be used in this rock song and recorded them himself at Studio28, which on that day Mr. KEY and Mr. Takeshi came from Japan to supervise the recording themselves.

Back then I was questioning myself why the world-class artist like BABYMETAL would want to make a song about papaya salad and also want a no name Thai rapper in their song. The international level band like them can just choose any famous rapper.

The answer wasn’t clear until not many days ago, the unexpected incident happened. The song was leaked when it was planned to be released in the same day it was performed for the first time at Yokohama Arena where they planned to introduced me there.

BABYMETAL is the band that never had any featuring guest in their songs before. As soon as the fans saw my name, they all questioned about who I am. Many said that I’m not worthy and the hate speech about me on twitter kept popping up.

In that moment I started to be convinced that maybe I’m really not worthy of the world-class band…

Even in Thailand, there are many other rappers who are more worthy in the international level more than I am.
I was afraid that I would become an embarrassment of Thai rappers if I still insist.

Three days before Yokohama, I had a thought to pull myself out and tell them to cut my rap part off.

I texted my dear friend Stamp and told him about how I felt.

Stamp told me the important line that brought me back to my sense

“I think the most important person you have to care is the person who chose you”

“The band chose you.
The producer chose you.”

“BABYMETAL is on top of the world. They can choose any rapper in the world, they can even choose Kendrick… but they chose you.”

This is the reason I gracefully stood at Yokohama Arena. Stamp reminded me of the first email Mr. KEY sent to me. How he has been respectful to me from day one, accepted my idea of Thai instruments, accepted the rap in Thai, the language with zero universality in his important work.

The people who I should care about is Mr. KEY, the band and the team who respect me.

Before I got on stage on the first day, I was panicking. Mr. KEY patted my shoulder and said to me in English

“You are my pride”

This might be the answer of why it has to be me or papaya salad.

That word echoed in my mind until both shows were finished.

After both shows were done, almost all the hate speech were gone, like a magic, only the thank you and admiration and respect messages from BABYMETAL fans that were sent in English, Japanese, or even Arabic.

All of them were about the Thai rap, from the nobody rapper like me.

I will return to Thailand tomorrow

Thank you for one of the most important experience in my life.

I will never forget.

In the scariest day of my life, the deepest thanks to family, the team, Moy and Ball, for walking alongside me.

I remember the second right before I went on stage. I already put IEM on so I couldn’t hear anything, only the numb and blurry feelings.

Moy and Ball came to me and each patted my shoulder once, brought my sense back to me.

In that moment, I just understood what it’s like to be pushed forward.

F. Hero

Again, translation credit to /u/RemyRatio


TV News Pro-Shot Footage

Fan Art


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