April 11th update: The changes have been reverted, so now it’s back to how they were on Fox Day (girls as members on the BABYMETAL page, SU-METAL and MOAMETAL “personal” pages up).

This came the day the interview was released., though it could just be a coincidence.

Original post below:

Another update to Amuse’s BABYMETAL profiles, first the BABYMETAL profile page on the Amuse website doesn’t have any members on it (again). On Fox Day they had added SU-METAL and MOAMETAL after a year without any members on the list.

Also on Fox Day, they deleted Su and Moa’s personal profiles, and created profiles for SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. Though these profiles could not be found on the “All Artists” page, only via manual url entry. These pages are no longer available, either.

As for why this could be, it’s possible it could be a website update or a bug. It would be surprising if it was deliberate, as the previous update/pages only lasted 1 week. But then again, BABYMETAL has done weirder things in the past.

Will update if more information is available.

BABYMETAL profile page from Fox Day
Suzuka Nakamoto page – SU-METAL page
Moa Kikuchi page – MOAMETAL page


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