• Exclusive merch on A!Smart (Japanese website)
  • Access to exclusive ticket sales (for shows in Japan)
  • Metal name
  • Access to THE ONE website
  • Email notifications (in Japanese)

The product you must buy is a tee and costs ¥ 5,000. Unlike 2017’s “Big tee”, this one comes in different sizes.

The One 2019 tee

Membership is from: April 23rd, 2019 until March 31st, 2020

Time until when you can transfer your current metal name (if you are a The One 2018 member) before you lose it: April 23rd – June 14th

If you are already a 2018 member, you get a sticker with the purchase of the tee for free, until March 31st. It is 12×12 cm’s.

The One 2019 bonus sticker for The One 2018 members

Purchase link (for new members)

Purchase link (for The One 2018 members)

Edit: appears to be out of stock at the moment back in stock, but now it ships late-April to mid-May

More info on The One website

For those wondering, it’s basically all the same as last year, other than the bonus sticker.
It appears that member-only shows will not make a comeback (yet, at least).

Useful guides for newcomers:

This is in The One email, seems like THE ONE 2019 lore (used Google Translate):

With the opening of the new era (NEW ERA)
A trip to the METAL RESISTANCE new chapter begins …

It is led by the light of the dazzling galaxy and the soul of the metal
Together with all those gathering here I become “THE ONE”

Are you ready for your neck
A new chapter of BABYMETAL going through metal galaxies now begins! !


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