Update 1/2/2023: full article posted on their website.

Metal Hammer has included BABYMETAL in their latest issue, which releases on January 5th. BABYMETAL appear in the section on “2023: Everything You Need To Know”. BABYMETAL is mentioned first, with the title “10 Things We Want From BABYMETAL In 2023”, in which the writer (Rich Hobson) asks for:

  • An explanation: What will The Other One be?
  • Massive production: bigger and bolder shows
  • Special shows around the world
  • More collabs
  • Fun: at least one hyperactive song like Gimme Chocolate or Megitsune
  • A new member?
  • Multimedia tie-ins
  • More extremity: songs that show how diverse BABYMETAL is
  • International Influences
  • Something Entirely New

Release date: 5/1/2023
Links to purchase: Magazines Direct and Newsstand

Metal Hammer also mentions BABYMETAL in their “10 metal tours we’re unreasonably excited for in 2023” article:


Could it be the most OTT tour in the history of music? We’re certainly scratching our heads trying to remember a night with more potential giddy thrills than seeing Swedish power metal legends Sabaton, Kawaii metal innovators Babymetal and Eurovision winning metal monsters Lordi all taking turns to batter our senses. What’s most impressive about this bill is the fact that these are three bands that are the absolute antithesis of “cool” and yet they find themselves joining forces to decimate some of the most sizeable arenas across the United Kingdom. Whatever you think of each band, you can’t deny, it’ll certainly be eventful.


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