As with the recently announced Hedoban Vol. 34, PMC will also feature a lengthy interview with KOBAMETAL. But in this case, it’s focused on THE OTHER ONE. This is the first time KOBAMETAL will talk about “THE OTHER ONE”.

Release Date: June 21st
Purchase Link: Amazon Japan
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BABYMETAL’s producer, KOBAMETAL, appears in this feature! In “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS” (written by KOBAMETAL and edited by PMC), which was released by PIA last September, we asked him to write about BABYMETAL’s live history, and this is the first time the PMC editorial staff has covered the event since the book’s publication anniversary event.

Many fans were puzzled by the announcement of “THE OTHER ONE,” a plan to restore the BABYMETAL we never knew, at “FOX DAY” on April 1 this year.

What is KOBAMETAL’s view of the current social situation, which was unexpected after BABYMETAL’s live activities were suspended last October, and of the live entertainment industry in Japan and abroad, which is showing signs of revival? He spoke to us from a calm and unique perspective.

This is Koba’s first talk in media on what “THE OTHER ONE” of BABYMETAL and “METALVERSE” is aiming for. We’ll present you the densest interview of which his last word at the end drew out grunt admirations from all of those who witnessed it. – Translation with DeepL and by funnytoss and Capable-Paramedic

Release Date: June 21st
Specifications: A4 size, 112 pages, all color, wireless binding
Sales Locations: Bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, CD stores, etc.
Special feature: Live Entertainment Today!
8-page interview with Stray Kids.
KOBAMETAL talks about BABYMETAL “THE OTHER ONE” for the first time on 8 pages.
Please note that specifications, composition, contents, etc. are subject to change.


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