Metal Hammer has shared the cover of their last issue of the year, which is focussed on a review of the entire year. It will include BABYMETAL (SU-METAL appears on the cover).

It releases tomorrow, December 9th.


  • SU-METAL on cover
  • Best Of 2021 CD
  • 2022 calendar (July features a picture of BABYMETAL)
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Ultimate review of 2021 (features 3 pages dedicated to BABYMETAL, with
  • a review of Budokan, an interview with Takahide Okami, Editor-in-Chief of Metal Hammer Japan, where he talks about the Budokan shows, the end of the “10 Year LEGEND”, and the future expectations)
  • 50 best albums of the year, as voted for by the magazine writers

It can be purchased on several websites with worldwide shipping, such as Magazines Direct and Newsstand.


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