The issue is named “Legendary LIVE AT BUDOKAN – The Miraculous Performances that Colored the ‘Holy Land'”.” and it’s dedicated to the Nippon Budokan. Since its opening as the judo arena for the Tokyo Olympics, the Nippon Budokan has become famous as the “holy land of rock” for musicians from Japan and abroad, starting with the Beatles’ Japan tour. It includes interviews with several historic guitarists that have performed at the venue.

As for BABYMETAL, it contains a 30-page feature of BABYMETAL, including show reports and details on the equipment used by the Kami Band. They also include a guitar score for “Head banger!!”

This is the fourth continuing issue of Young Guitar on which BABYMETAL are included in.

Release Date: May 10th


  • Special Report on the “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” – “The band successfully completed the “10 concerts at Nippon Budokan” – An in-depth review of the “DOOMSDAY” series that has been etched in music history!”
  • BABYMETAL 〜and to the legend…
  • Overview from DOOMSDAYs – I〜VIII
  • Detailed and through Show Report for DOOMSDAY – X
  • Live Rig: Exclusive disclosure of the equipment used throughout the 10 shows! – The gear used by the Kami Band
  • Guitar score for “Head banger!!”


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